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Xlsucker Penis Pump Black

244,00 kr

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Xlsucker Penis Pump Black
Now it's easier than ever to pump your penis to a bigger size! Penis pumps are the most advanced, non-surgical erection enhancers on the market. XLsucker is a plastic cylinder that fits over your penis and helps you get an erection - or a bigger erection - through suction. As the air in the cylinder is sucked out, the vacuum pulls your penis into the cylinder and more blood rushes into the penis. When you remove the cylinder, the result is a temporarily larger penis and a more impressive erection!
For best effect, you want to start slowly. Apply some lubricant to the base of the pump to create suction and a good seal. Slide your penis (but not the testicles) into the 5cm wide and 19.5cm deep cylinder, slowly press the bulb of the pump and watch your penis grow. For beginners, release after about 10 minutes using the rapid valve that lets you control the intensity!
Note : If your penis is too sensitive, irritated, damaged, painful or if the skin is broken, do not use this penis pump. If pain occurs during use, stop the session immediately.

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Xlsucker Penis Pump Black -

Xlsucker Penis Pump Black

244,00 kr

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