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Dildos are versatile sex toys that come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Find your favorite that can give you pleasurable experiences again and again. Use on your own or why not together with a partner and continue to explore a wonderful life together.

Everything you need to know about this popular sex toy

Dildos have been around for centuries and have been a popular sex toy since ancient times. Dildos can be used by people regardless of gender and sexual preferences. Dildos are a safe and enjoyable way to explore one's own sexuality or to share intimate experiences with a partner. But what exactly is a dildo and how do you choose the best one for your needs? Read on for a complete guide on dildos.

What is a dildo?

Solo sex or intimate moments with a partner? Regardless, a dildo with its different vibration patterns is a valued element in the intimate act. A dildo is a sex toy designed for penetration of body openings. There are a variety of different types of dildos, but most consist of a long, smooth and cylindrical shape. Dildos can be made of different materials, such as silicone, glass, wood, steel and rubber. Which one suits you best depends on preference, so we recommend trying different types to find your favorite.

How does a dildo feel?

A dildo is usually designed to mimic the appearance of a penis and is usually made of various materials such as silicone, rubber, glass or metal. Therefore, the feeling may vary depending on the material used. Silicone and rubber are softer materials that can feel more realistic when used to mimic the texture of the penis. Glass or metal are harder materials that can give a different feeling. A dildo can be smooth or have a textured surface, depending on the design. It is also common for them to have a curved shape to provide stimulation to the G-spot.

How to choose the best dildo?

Choosing the right dildo is important to get the most satisfying experience. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a dildo:

The first thing to consider is the size of the dildo. We have a wide range of several shapes and sizes, from small and slim to large and plump. It is important to choose a size that suits one's own comfort level and experience. It may be a good idea to start with a smaller dildo and work your way up in size as you become more comfortable.

You also need to think about what material you want your dildo to be made of. Dildos can be made of different materials, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Silicone is a common choice because it is safe, easy to clean and soft. Glass dildos are hard and glossy, which gives a different feel and are very durable.

Shape and texture are also an important factor when choosing a dildo. Some dildos are curved, some are straight and smooth, while others may have ridges, ridges, and other textures that provide extra stimulation. It is important to choose a shape and texture that suits one's own preferences and sensibilities. What gives you an enjoyable experience, someone else may not enjoy at all. It is highly individual and to find out what suits you best, you should explore your erogenous zones and which stimulation modes give you a good feeling.

How to use a dildo?

Dildos and other sex toys are produced and designed to be used in a safe way. But you as the user have a responsibility to handle the toys and intimate situations in a responsible way for everyone involved.

Here are some steps to use a dildo safely and securely:

  • Choose the right size and shape for your or your partner's needs.
  • Apply lubricant to the dildo and to the opening of the body to be penetrated.
  • Insert the dildo gently and explore different movements and angles to find the most satisfying ones.
  • Take it easy and respect your own and your partner's body. If it feels uncomfortable or painful, pause or stop.

How to clean a dildo?

Be sure to always clean your dildo after each use, both for the sake of hygiene and to increase the lifespan of your sex toy. Wash with a cleaner suitable for sex toys and wipe with a dry cloth. Leave to dry before putting away.

There are several reasons why you should clean your sex toys regularly:

  • Hygiene : It is important to keep your sex toys clean to reduce the risk of infections and diseases. Bacteria and other microorganisms can thrive on the surface of sex toys, so cleaning them after use can reduce the risk of transmitting disease or infection.
  • Increased lifespan : By cleaning your sex toys regularly, you can also extend their lifespan. Many sex toys are made of materials that can be damaged if not cleaned properly. By cleaning them regularly, damage can also be avoided.
  • Increased pleasure : A pure sex toy can also provide a better and more satisfying user experience. If the sex toy is not clean, it can affect the sensation and quality of the stimulation, which can reduce the pleasure and comfort during use. So by cleaning the sex toy, one can simply ensure a better user experience.
  • Respect for partners : If you share sex toys with a partner, it is especially important to clean them to avoid the transmission of diseases and infections between partners. Cleaning the sex toys also shows respect for your partner and signals that you take their health and safety seriously.

It is important to clean your sex toys regularly to avoid infections, extend the life of the sex toys, increase the user experience and show respect for your partner.

Buy your sex toys at LOVEBUNNY.SE

At, we have a massive range of quality dildos in sizes from extra large to smaller. In addition to our large selection of different dildos, we have plenty of sex toys to help bring that little extra spice into the bedroom. Sex toys make your sex life more fun and increase your pleasure. Remember that if you are a couple who are going to use sex toys in the bedroom, you should always talk to each other and hear what each other likes and what is okay. Sex should be pleasant on everyone's terms and own will.

When you order from us, your dildo is delivered in 100% discreet packaging and with an anonymous sender (Lshop AB), all to ensure that only you know that your package contains a sex toy. We always deliver lightning fast, and if you order before 1 p.m., your order will be dispatched the same day and delivered within 1-3 working days. Free shipping when you shop over SEK 690.


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