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Sex toys for men

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Sex toys for men

Thinking of trying sex toys for men? If so, there is a really large selection of fun and enjoyable toys to choose from. But, which one is really best for you?

The best sex toy for men, boys and dudes of all ages is of course the one that gives the most pleasure. A really good toy can arouse your desire, give you an improved erection and enhance your pleasure. There are also cool toys that can give you increased endurance and it is usually something that many people dream about.

We at Lovebunny have toys for anyone who wants to take control of their own pleasure. Here you will find our wide selection for both curious and experienced men. Let's take a closer look at the range.

Our most popular sex toys for men: Penis rings

One of our most popular sex toys for men is undoubtedly penis rings . It is not so strange considering that a penis ring gives you an improved erection and ensures that it does not sag. You can also have a delayed ejaculation, which makes the act longer. This is especially a popular product for intercourse with a partner.

The male sex has different sizes and shapes, and therefore, of course, so do penis rings. With us you will find a wide range of penis rings that sit softly and comfortably around the penis during intercourse. No matter what size you need, we have a suitable ring.

How to use a penis ring? Well, you put on the elastic ring over the penis and it doesn't matter if it's a little loose. That's why you use the ring! For those who want to take the toy a step further, there are also vibrating penis rings for extra pleasure!

Loose pussy for ultimate pleasure

Can a realistic loose pussy give you the ultimate stimulation? We think so! When it comes to sex toys for men, a realistic loose pussy always comes into play. This is one of the best for you who want both feeling and experience at the same time.

A loose pussy is often called a fleshlight . They are made of soft, skin-like materials and you can easily use them with one hand. Thanks to the fact that they are so well designed, you will hardly notice any difference to a normal vagina. A loose pussy is tight and often has grooves on the inside for maximum comfort. This is a product we can really recommend as a first sex toy for men!

Try buttplugs and anal balls

Sex toys for men aren't just about what's on the front. It is also possible to get good stimulation in the anus. We therefore have a well-stocked range of both popular buttplugs and anal balls .

A properly sized butt plug can stimulate the sensitive nerve fibers that both men and women have.

These are really great sex toys for men who want to experiment with a little different types of pleasure. Small, medium or large? We have exactly what you want. Of course they have a good anchor so they are easy and safe to use.

In focus: Realistic sex toys for men

Something we have invested a little extra in our store is realistic sex toys for men. We have noticed that realistic sex toys for men are especially appreciated. What can give you greater pleasure than a masturbator with soft breasts and other things that bring out the imaginative side of you?

Many people want a realistic dildo because the raised, stringy details provide extra stimulation. They are simply both eye candy and toy candy. We have dildos in all sizes and shapes, straight and curved. Many can also be used in a strap-on for joint pleasure for you and your partner.

Want to give sex toys for men as a gift to someone you might try it out with? Then a nice dildo or why not a delay spray is a really good gift. Namely, we have quantities of spray products that delay ejaculation and reduce sensitivity.

No matter what sex toy for men you want to give as a gift, we have something in our range. And remember – shared pleasure is double pleasure!

Men's favorite – Masturbator!

Are you tired of waiting for the right partner or do you want to be able to take your alone time to the next level? Then you should invest in a masturbator . With a masturbator you can realize and live out all your fantasies when and how you want.

Among our sex toys for men, we have a nice selection of realistic masturbators. Their realistic details with soft bodies and holes with nice texture give you an intense experience. There are masturbators with a focus on breasts or ass, you choose what you prefer!

How to clean your sex toys for men

Using sex toys for men is becoming more and more common. Regardless of whether you use them alone or together with your partner, you can have a really wonderful time.

Sex toys for men are well known for bringing fantasies to life and providing an incredible experience. After all, there is nothing more fun than discovering new worlds in bed with your partner or adding a little extra spice to life.

How to clean sex toys for men? It is important that you take care of the sex toys so that they stay clean and hygienic. Many are manufactured in e.g. silicone material, which makes them easy to clean.

For cleaning sex toys, it is best to use cleaning products that are intended for this particular purpose. Then you can be sure that you get rid of both dirt, body fluids, lubricants and bacteria. It is often also good to use lukewarm water and soap.

Sex toys for all guys

Sex toys are for everyone, girls and boys, old and young. Whether you're single or in a relationship, a sex toy can really add some color to life.

Some sex toys for men you use on your own, while others are best used with a partner. Take a look through our large selection and let yourself be enticed to explore more ways to enjoy.


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