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Penis rings

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Penis ring

A ring that is usually made of a soft and elastic material and is used to extend the hardness and duration of the erection. The ring is placed around the root of the shaft, which will then tighten the blood flow and prevent the blood from leaving the shaft. In this way, you don't risk losing your erection and becoming flaccid. With an increased hardness and duration of the erection , the sexual pleasure can increase for both men and their partners.

Penis rings are available in different sizes, shapes and materials and can be used during intercourse but also during masturbation. It is important to use a penis ring safely and follow the manufacturer's instructions to avoid injury or discomfort.

What does a penis ring do?

You can use your penis ring when you are masturbating yourself to strengthen or facilitate your erection and of course together with a partner. When you are going to use your penis ring together with a partner, there are penis rings with vibration that increase the pleasure for both you and your partner. 

How to put on a penis ring?

If you have a penis ring made of silicone, you can slip it over your penis in both the erect and erect state . But if you have one made of metal , it is usually easiest to put it on when you are relaxed. You can advantageously use your penis ring after using a penis pump to maximize the effect. Remember to use a lot of lubricant when putting on your penis ring so it will be both easier and more comfortable. When the erection subsides after intercourse, it is easy to remove the ring and clean it before the next use. It is important to clean your penis ring and your other sex toys for several reasons. The most important reason is hygiene and to reduce the risk of infection or disease. Bacteria can thrive and thrive on the surface of the sex toy and therefore need to be cleaned after each use. If you have more than one sex partner and share sex toys, it is also respectful to clean the penis ring to signal that you take their health and safety seriously. You will also increase the lifespan of your penis ring and will be able to use it again and again for more pleasurable and stimulating experiences together with a partner or on your own.

Which penis ring should I have? 

You should always choose the penis ring with material and function that you prefer. A silicone penis ring is preferable if it is your first time as they are usually easier to remove when your penis is erect if you feel that it is not for you. There are penis rings that attach around both your penis and your scrotum to give you a more powerful erection while pushing forward and highlighting your scrotum. A penis ring does not necessarily have to be stimulating only for the man, but a penis ring with vibration is advantageously used to increase the pleasure for you and at the same time for your partner . The vibration can, during intimate sex, help stimulate the clitoris at the same time as a vibrating penis ring makes the man's erection stronger. So a penis ring can add stimulating pleasure in lustful couple play to increase the level of pleasure for both of you at the same time. 

Some people may be allergic to certain materials, so it is always best to read product descriptions carefully and check that the product does not contain any allergens that you are sensitive to. Many sex toys are made of materials that are hypoallergenic, such as silicone, glass, stainless steel, ceramics and wood. These materials are often non-porous, meaning they do not absorb body fluids or bacteria that can cause irritation or allergic reactions.

What size penis ring should I have? 

Always start by measuring your penis in an erect state at the root to get a measurement of your circumference. The easiest is if you take a tape measure or a string and measure around the widest part, then divide the measurement you got by 3.14. By doing this, you will find out your diameter and can easily find a penis ring that fits you. Feel free to measure your circumference several times so that you get the correct measurements. Don't tighten too tight, it should always be comfortable which results in less error when you measure.

All penises are different so the chance of finding a penis ring just below your girth may not be that likely. Therefore, you should preferably choose a slightly smaller size so that the penis ring fits tightly but not so that it is too tight and that you experience pain when using it. If situations arise where it is too tight, stop using it and buy a new one in a larger size.

How should I store my penis ring?

Before putting away your penis ring or sex toys, make sure they are clean and dry. You should also think about the material the toy is made of. Some materials can be damaged by each other if they come into contact and therefore need to be stored in a way so that they do not touch each other. Store your sex toys in a clean and dry place, preferably at room temperature. Avoid placing them in direct sunlight or in humid areas. Read the instructions for your sex toys and make sure they are stored in a way that extends their life. Some toys may need to be stored in a certain way to avoid damage or to keep the batteries fresh.

If you want to keep your sex toys discreet, consider storing them in a bag, box or special storage box. Make sure the storage area is inaccessible to other people, especially if you live with someone who is a minor.

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