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Sensual Glass April 17cm

158,00 kr

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Sensual Ice Cream April
Sensual Glass is a dildo that is safe to use. Choose a model that best suits your needs and discover a new dimension of pleasure. In addition to regular erotic massage, you can also vary with temperament. You can use a glass dildo cold or heat it up so it becomes warm.

When you have a cold glass dildo, your muscles in the vagina will contract, giving you a very intense sensation that will give you shivers. To cool down a glass dildo, just use cold water, put it in the fridge or freezer compartment.

A warm glass dildo feels pleasant and because the blood vessels dilate, the blood flow in the vagina or anus is stimulated and improved. This gives a pleasant and exciting feeling. You can simply heat a glass dildo with hot or by using your microwave.
The glass keeps the cold or warm temperature for quite a long time for longer enjoyment.
Warning: Always be careful and check the temperature before using the dildo and inserting it vaginally or anally.
Always think about safety, both for yourself and for your partner.
Note! The use of a glass dildo is safe. However, if you drop a glass dildo on a hard surface, there is a chance, no matter how firm the material is, that the dildo will be damaged. Never use a dildo that is damaged!

When using a glass dildo, you usually need less lube. You can use any type of lubricant.
The material is hard and non-porous which makes it very easy to clean.

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Sensual Glass April 17cm -

Sensual Glass April 17cm

158,00 kr

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